Game Changer

What is your Game changer for 2021? This exciting and thrilling activity covers problem solving tasks, teamwork, where teams are connected and focused with intensity. Using Zoom platform teams go into breakaway rooms and solve the “Game Changer”. This activity requires planning, patience and consistency to reach the final verdict.


Around The World

In this activity teams Travel Virtually Around the World and taste a bit of each Country, in this all-round problem-solving task. This activity focuses on teamwork, cohesion, and communications. An event, which is fun when bringing in a theme. Teams can also theme this event, where delegates represent a country with a single item that they wear. Who will come out on top in this unbelievable and uplifting activity, and be best traveler of the day?


Virtual cake boss

Are you the boss of cakes? Come join us and create the perfect cake. Real or Fake? We can provide both. Real, teams are tasked to mix, bake, decorate a cake. The theme of the cake can be tailored according to preference or we will provide one for you. Fake, teams are tasked to assemble, create, design a cake from materials given to resemble a cake, like magic. Be careful you will not be able to tell the difference. Creative thinking & planning for a finished product. 

Liquorice Allsorts

This is our all-in-one combo activity that challenges
all parts of the brain. A combination of creativity,
mind-power and acting skills awaits your team in
this activity. Fun and Variation is the flavour of the

Win-It In-A-Minute

Based on the Gameshow Minute to Win It, this
activity will bring all the hidden skills out in your
team. Prepare for fun and laughter with six
challenges where your team will play for the
highest overall team score. (activity kit provided)


Master Creator

This game requires teamwork with a creative flair when compiling and creating a small advert. This will require each member to bring their strengths uniqueness and creativity to the table and teams will give their best pitch.


Join our Funky Facilitators in this hilarious game-show style activity. It can be tailored to include company questions. With 4 rounds and some bonus competitions in between this activity, will test mental agility.


Teams will be tasked to come up with the most original and heartfelt experience ever. Whoever said “faking it wont make it” has not mastered Lip Sync Karaoke. This very creative and out the box activity promises to have everyone laughing and on the edge of their seat. Highly entertaining and feeds of the energy of the activity. Teams battle it out by performing the best lip sync of famous songs with the help of props and costumes.



A virtual construction activity to get your teamup
and strategising. Team members presents the
best construction story of the day. Your group
is divided into smaller teams each with its own
theme. (activity kit provided)

Virtuo Corporate Hunt

We travel virtually around your very own garden route. We will be stopping at various destinations along the garden route to find items and clues to help you and your team complete your own Corporate Hunt. You can now explore South Africa from the comfort of your home or office. Team work and creative thinking is required to successfully complete tasks and required outcomes.



Using a fully equipped kit, your team will bring out
the creativity hidden within. The art work is tailored
and compiled into a collage for the office to showcase. An Activity filled with excitement, as each team works on a section of the puzzle. A fantastic option, when promoting new values, strategies and products.



This activity offers skills and tools, which support individuals, and teams, to cope best with Stress Management. An activity kit is recommended, but optional, at an additional cost, where our professional facilitators work through all aspects of Mindfulness. We offer tasks, that delegates can do at their desks comfortably, without feeling inhibited, including easy methods, which they can use in their daily lives when feeling overwhelmed.