Team development

Being a BRILLIANT Team player or leader has never been more important than now! BlueNaartjie Concepts offers corporate Team Development workshops where the goal is to create a winning atmosphere by:

  • Introducing a ‘Brilliant Team’ culture
  • Promoting Interdependence (Collaboration, Teamwork, Camaraderie, etc.)
  • Developing Trust among team members
  • Opportunity to Practice Openness
  • Enhancing Cooperation through Realisation of Objectives
  • Understanding workplace Diversity

The Team Development Workshops are designed to help team’s engage in the process of self-examination to gain awareness of those conditions which are the sources of its strength and those conditions that keep it from functioning effectively. Through the team development process, the group learns how to make decisions and take the right actions so that better efficiency, productivity, product quality and quality of work life prevail.

Whether it’s on the sports field or in the workplace, teams take time to come together. There is a natural development process every team progresses through. It is useful to examine this maturation so that a team member or leader can be prepared to work effectively with the team.

  • Recognise that teams mature over time and develop along commonly defined paths and milestones.
  • Teams develop through four stages: Initial stage, Processing, Coming Together— normalising and performing. Good leader facilitation skills will help teams progress through the stages.
  • Teams develop in unique ways, and they can move back and forth between one development stage and another based on team membership, outside influences or redirection of the team’s purpose.


As a result of our Team Development Workshops, team members set higher goals and become more motivated to achieve them. Everyone feels like they are receiving more assistance, support, and coaching, and the group produces more and better ideas.

Surveys with Team Development participants reveal that problems do not go away; they only get worse, but by spending time working on solutions day-to-day in a Team mode, groups save time and money in the long run by not allowing problems to worsen.

The results are: Time saved, Problems solved, More team cooperation, Better communication, Higher morale, More energy, Synergy, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Commitment, Participation and Higher quality work.

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