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Duration: 2 to 3 hours per activity

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Teambuilding Product: Minute 2 WinnitMinute 2 Winnit

In MINUTE 2 WINNIT or “Minute to Win It”, teams compete against the clock as well as each other. Our experienced facilitators will challenge them with improbable yet possible, fun filled, challenging tasks and problems, resulting in players using hidden talents and skills to help their team up the leader board. This activity is suitable for everyone, where each player is engaged throughout the activity. (Everyone has a role to play in every round.) Team work, communication and ultimately – FUN are the order of the day. Hosted either in or outdoors.

Teambuilding Product: Cardboard RegattaCardboard Regatta

All Aboard!! CARDBOARD REGATTA Challenge goes against all logical thinking as we compel teams to design, manufacture and then float a watertight boat made entirely from Cardboard! During the activity, teams earn materials for their project such as bits of cardboard, tape, string and anything else we can think of which will give them an advantage in the task at hand and help teams create a floating marvel. How the team assembles their craft remains a secret, or does it? Working together, the team must rely on everyone’s independent skills so that they have a craft which they can display, parade and ultimately race – in the water or across the lawn.

Teambuilding Product: Team Trivia QuizTeam Trivia Quiz

Our Extremely popular TEAM TRIVIA QUIZ has players thinking together to solve riddles and answer a series of short questions under the eye of an expert Quizmaster. Our audio-visual presentation consists of 6 specialised sections, ranging from General Knowledge to Sport to Music, Movies and T.V. Each team receives 2 “Doofus” Tokens which they can redeem to get answers from other teams. The versatility of this activity allows for sections to be tailored to the client’s needs, making it an ideal learning or training tool. As the rounds move on, questions require more lateral thinking and faster solutions and it’s not uncommon for teams to scream out for more time! Enjoy a fun filled adventure.

Teambuilding Product: Corporate HuntCorporate Hunt

CORPORATE HUNT is a tailored Adventure-Treasure-Scavenger Hunt requiring teams to use all resources at their disposal. Different sections of the hunt require different skill groups, ranging from creativity, unique input to observation, recognition and recollection ability, each task is designed to give every delegate an equal task of contributing to the team’s effort as they try to move from one challenge to the next. Innovative and out of the box solutions yield spectacular outcomes and results which give a new perspective to simple problem solving. A variety of Clues, directions and Smartphone Technology will challenge teams as they close in on the location of the ultimate prize.

Teambuilding Product: Potjie Cook-offPotjie Cook-off

The POTJIE COOK-OFF Challenge requires teams to select their best negotiators, who’s responsible for ingredient purchases. Barter, beg, or borrow ingredients, utensils and condiments for the ‘surprise’ pot which they will cook. Deliberation, decisions and sound guidance is needed as teams compete for the best possible products for their pot. Watching a potjie cook is like watching paint dry, so additional exciting tasks and challenges are hosted whilst the pots cook away, ranging from being tasked with solving riddles and puzzles to win additional condiments or refreshments for the team. Once done, tuck into a wonderfully prepared meal with accompanying salads and starch dishes.

Teambuilding Product: Crime Scene InvestigationCrime Scene Investigation

A dead body is found – is it an accident or fowl play? Join the investigation and help crack the case in C.S.I. or CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION. With a perceptive eye, analyse and assessment of the crime scene, collect and process of any evidence found and return reports, which can be used by your team of C.S.I’s. Teams need to be able to organise, manage and ultimately follow leads in the case. This Crime Investigation Activity is a must for any group. It’s where teams will use their collective powers of detection, observation tactics and precise judgement as they investigate the crime scene. Lots of fun, yet still an amazing activity which addresses key co-operation points.

Teambuilding Product: Survivor – Bushwack IslandSurvivor – Bushwack Island

SURVIVOR – BUSHWACK ISLAND requires teams of delegates to perform Tribal Work, practice Tolerance, Understanding and work with individual’s strong points whilst achieving desirable outcomes to conditions that confront them. Using communication, negotiating skills, problem solving and sound management tools, tribes ensure their own ‘survival’ in this activity. Tribal council offers the opportunity to disadvantage others through voting rights which are earned depending on how they perform during tribe challenges and Immunity tasks. Points are allocated during the different challenges and this determines the Outstanding Tribe and “The Immunity Idol” winners.

Teambuilding Product: X-trodinary GolfX-trodinary Golf

X-TRODINARY GOLF, or Office Golf is played using Bluenaartjie Book of twists and slants (rules). This activity can be played wherever there’s space, be it in the office or out in the car park. Using man-made structures, buildings, ponds, gardens, veld, manicured lawns and trees, team are confronted with designing a course hole on their own Golf Course. Try teeing off a 2nd floor balcony or sinking a putt in the parking lot or playing through the company reception, where teams have constructed the hole with whatever they can find in the office. Whether it’s 9 or 18 holes, players play as individuals, pairs or 4-balls. Forfeits, tasks, twists and surprises are introduced into each round.

Teambuilding Product: Pushkart GrandprixPushkart Grandprix

An opportunity to be young again with PUSH-KART GRAND PRIX. Competing teams are faced with the challenge of assembling a complete Kit-kart or Go-kart Assembly, using detailed instructions and supervision from our qualified facilitators. Teams tackle challenges and tasks which earn them components and tools needed for their project assembly. Once assembled, the teams design and apply a ‘Body Kit’ and branding to their project before entering it into ‘Concourse D’ Elegance’ Show. This process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task and by the team’s ability to work together. The activity is concluded with scrutineering and then the fun begins as the racing starts

Teambuilding Product: Joint EffortJoint Effort

JOINT EFFORT requires Co-operation, leadership, listening and communication making it the ideal activity to get a collective group of people to pull in unison and towards the same goal. What’s needed for teams to succeed and survive in today’s world? The answers lie within each participant, and Joint Effort let’s these qualities show for themselves. By working together, participants reap the rewards both individually and as a team as they are confronted with problems and obstacles. Some require out of the box solutions however each needs to trust and depend upon their colleagues offering assistance and input. Find out what the team can actually do.

Teambuilding Product: MaroonedMarooned

Could you be MAROONED on an uninhabited Island? What would you do to survive? Well here’s the opportunity to find out as you and your team would cope when you find yourselves stranded and alone. Survival is key but does everyone think the same way as you? With the use of audio/visual props, players are taken through several real world scenarios, where responsibility and definite decision making are important requirements. This facilitator led simulation plays out real life “office scenarios” and will astound you as to how your colleagues consider their own options. Pulling the team together requires consensus on which course of action to take. How are we all going to agree?

Teambuilding Product: Let's Go LegoLet’s Go Lego

LET’S GO LEGO, is fingernail chewing or hanging off the edge of your seats type of activity as each team must master a construction using only plastic Lego type building blocks. Once the instruction have been explained, teams need to study the requirements of the activity whilst paying attention to detail. However these instructions are open to interpretation so will everyone agree? With the clock ticking, each team races to present their own interpretation of this project. With limited prior planning & knowledge, teams work individually and collectively to meet the different objectives and requirements. Expect some lateral thinking, unusual outcomes, and some rather unorthodox twists.

Teambuilding Product: amazing-raceAmazing Race

By combining basic compass bearings, map work, smart phone technology and the intrigue of a Scavenger Hunt, AMAZING RACE (like the reality show), requires teams to plot a race plan from one destination to the next. Teams need to do careful planning whilst integrating their various skill sets, and effective time management to engineer solutions for each challenge that confronts them. Road detours, roadblocks and yields need to be negotiated before being allowed to continue ahead. Teams set their own pace, however it’s possible that the team that finishes first – may not be the winning team. Local or cross country options.

Teambuilding Product: Let's Get TradingLet’s Get Trading

LETS GET TRADING offers an experience of what the early prospectors did when they were trading, buying, swopping and or selling, just to survive. They were courageous men that ventured into the wilderness to find their fortunes. Gold, Wheat, Barley, Corn, Wood, Farm Implements, Livestock, dynamite, Picks, Pack Donkeys, etc.… were traded on the trading floor back, in the day. Teams need to manage the hardships and pressures of cold, hard trading in this activity where no one escapes. Each prospector needs their wits about them so as not to lose their shirt. Watch out for the watered down whiskey at the saloon.

Teambuilding Product: Team KaraokeTeam Karaoke

TEAM KARAOKE, the ideal activity for breaking down personal and workplace stumbling blocks, inhibitions and fears. Everyone has the passion to sing, whether in the shower or on their way to work, but don’t expect these self-same people to sing in front of their peers, see their reaction – “NO WAYS!” We take the anxiety out of the activity completely, making it do-able for all. Participants get teamed up with others and given the selection of songs which best suit the whole team. Following simple guidelines laid down by our Karaoke D.J., teams perform together, making this activity fun and the perfect opportunity for colleagues to show their fun side as they compete in this entertaining and fun activity.

Teambuilding Product: Gangster RappaGangsta Rappa

GANGSTA RAPPA is a great equaliser where contestants find their ‘Alter-Ego and put on a performance to wow and bowl their colleagues over. This staged Rap Showdown is enjoyed by everyone as ‘the Rappers’ compete against the other teams, to become The Top Dawg Rappers. Facilitators will guide teams through the use of clothing props, basic Rapping skills and how to improvise musical instruments, backing tracks ,noise generators and more importantly how to compose and present their Hip Hop or Rap creation. The challenge is thrown down by each team. Get to know colleagues better and see how you can work together – with attitude.

Teambuilding Product: BullseyeBullseye

Our target shooting challenge is called BULLSEYE because quite honestly, that’s what we are all striving for. This activity is ideal for all groups regardless of ability, age or gender, where teams use a variety of skill sets, planning and time management to focus and aim at the prize, whilst applying mental and physical determining factors for success. 5 unique target based challenges include CROSSBOW, CATAPULT, BLOW DARTS, AIR RIFLE and THROWING ZARD’S or Darts. A teams outcomes will depend on their approach and understanding of each task. These competitive activities include a few curve balls and twists, however it becomes a bonding experience. Hosted in or outdoors.

Teambuilding Product: ArcheryArchery

ARROWS and FLETCHING (Archery) is a great way to be with colleagues and to learn a new sport that’s as old as history itself. This fun and stress free sport develops skills and temperament, needed to excel in today’s competitive world. Each toxophilite or archer is given the opportunity to assist their teams score in a range of popular board games where the score you shoot acts as a roll of the dice. Each player soon feels their responsibility to the team when it’s their turn to contribute, whilst the others work out what the best score needs to be to get the maximum from each round. Relaxing, safe and will amaze most when they see their own abilities.

Teambuilding Product: Highland GamesHighland Games

Let’s get our “Scottish” on and enjoy an action packed activity with a twist, the wacky HIGHLAND GAMES. A mixture of traditional and not-so “no risk” challenges, resulting in a fun laden event for everyone. It’s traditional Scottish fare such as Tossing the Caber, Stone Putting, Hammer Throwing, Tug-O-War, Welly Wanging, Javelin Challenge, Farmers Dash, Weight Over the Bar and Bagpipe Playing with a mixture of other firm favourites – Frisbee throw, Water Games, Jurassic Egg toss, Target Shooting, Water Balloon Launcher and Kattie Shoot, which adds “Biltong” to the “Haggis”. Laughs for the whole team.

Teambuilding Product: mexican-railwayMexican Railway

One of our more popular activities, and can be tailored to meet any desired outcome. This activity requires a teamwork or in-sync. Teams are provided with “Shuntin” building materials and begin construction of their every own section of “Railway Track”. Once tracks are tested and passed their as operational, teams challenge each other to an iconic race of Railway engines. The activity finishes off with all the tracks being put together forming one railway. Now the whole group is responsible in ensuring that engines maintain momentum and indeed stay on the tracks. This is achieved by concentrating and manoeuvring the balls around the track with co-ordinated movements – like a Mexican wave!

Teambuilding Product: balloon towerBalloon Tower

BALLOON TOWER tests the limits of co-operation as teams are tasked with constructing a structure out of modelling balloons only. Teams receive just enough equipment and materials to build a structure as tall as they can, with the ceiling being the only limitation – besides time. Tolerance, understanding instruction and good communication skills whilst collaborating on the design and implementation of the build are all tested. Teams are judged on participation, adherence to rules and the height of the structure.

Teambuilding Product: Construction ChallengeConstruction Challenge

CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGE is all about addressing problems whilst thinking outside the box. By using the resources at hand effectively, participants are put in charge of their own outcome, allowing them to build a project under the watchful eyes of experienced facilitators. Each team is challenged to design a construction project from supplied resources. Points are awarded on design, attention to detail and if it actually works. Choose between

  • ROCKET LAUNCH (manufacture a working water pressure launch vehicle)
  • BUILD A CATAPULT (construct a working field model)
  • GO FLY A KITE (kite design, construction and flying)

Teambuilding Product: water-sportsWater Sports

WATER-SPORTS is a fun activity comprising of different tasks and challenges for your team. This “Wet” activity is suitable for everyone to participate in. Armed with buckets, water pistols, goggles, balloons and sponges, teams may be confronted with a Beverage Relay, Bucket and sponge Relay, Gutter Ball, the Amazing Duck Race, Water Balloon Launchers and much more. Players are required to hold up their side so that the team can achieve and earn points toward becoming the Outstanding Team of the Day. Bring a change of clothes and a towel for this one as you will end up either wet or in the pool.

Teambuilding Product: Laughter WorkshopLaughter Workshop

CAUTION – Side effects ahead, ranging from improved morale, reduced stress, improved energy levels, team cohesion and improved productivity. Use this powerful tool to transform your team. LAUGHTER WORKSHOP allows everyone the benefits from these side effects of Joyful Laughing. NOT using jokes, comedy or humour, delegates are transported on a journey with an experienced facilitator/s and go through the basic exercises using visual and sound effects (here applicable). Greatness is in everybody, and this is an excellent tool to help elicit it out. Let’s enjoy a healthy, hearty laugh!

Teambuilding Product: Chefs ChallengeChefs Challenge

CHEFS CHALLENGE, the activity that finds the taste bud stimulating side of your team. Once the ground rules are set, a visit to the pantry allows teams the opportunity of selecting ingredients they want in their meal, without compromise. This is a team competition is against the others as well as the clock. Our judges will be looking at presentation, combination and taste. Chefs Challenge will have teams Dough Flinging, Dicing, cutting, frying, boiling and doing whatever else it takes to make the perfect meal. Choose between PIZZA MAKING or CAKE BOSS or MASTER CHEF. (Venue specific)

Teambuilding Product: Cocktail ChallengeCocktail Challenge

Ever tried competition Bar Tendering? COCKTAIL CHALLENGE pitches teams against one another, where each needs to come up with the Ultimate Cocktail! Teams are tested on their “Beverage” knowledge which is followed up with an introduction to the bar and equipment available. Once familiar, each team will mix several different cocktails with the help of their colleagues and all under the watchful eye of our accomplished “mixologist”, Judges may be called for from each team whose duty it is to be objective yet fair. This would be based on authenticity, taste and presentation.

Teambuilding Product: Star GazeStar Gaze

STAR GAZE, an entertaining presentation providing an interesting and interactive Q&A talk, followed by a viewing through a telescope (weather permitting). Steering away from the “deadly boring science”, we cover topics which are visible in our night’s sky as well as current events in astronomy (SKA, latest space launches, Elon Musk, new discoveries and the bad behaviour of the sun – all things that affect our daily lives. Amazingly we take the nights sky for granted, however it is the last infinite frontier left for us to explore. Earth’s birth is a story written in the galaxies, so ask the questions that have puzzled you for years. Discussion around the telescope is inevitable.

Teambuilding Product: Drumming DjembeDrumming Djembe

DRUMMING DJEMBE (Drumming or “Kusun”) is Mother Africa’s greatest gift to the world. These West African influences in drum rhythm and beat form heart of our percussion and rhythm session, led by our experienced Drum masters. Each participant is given the opportunity of their own Djembe provided by us. By using a ‘call & respond’ practice, the group quickly moves from complete beginner to competent drummer, in a few simple rhythms. This unique drumming experience includes the use of other traditional African percussion instruments such as Bell Shakers, Rhythm Sticks, Cow Bells, Xhosa Bass Drums and Egg Shakers.

Teambuilding Product: Human FooseballHuman Fooseball

Come up with a fancy Team name, take your shoes off and become an integral part of the team as you face off against the opposition. HUMAN FOOSEBALL is like playing the table version only that you’re now part of it in life size. Played on a 24 x 12m blow-up pitch with teams of no more than 8 players each. Players are tethered to shock cord runs that only allow side to side movement. By passing the ball between your own players, teams aims to score goals against the opponents. A safe and fun activity resulting in substitutions and game strategies. For the hyperactive and physically fit or those on medication.

Teambuilding Product: SlackliningSlacklining

Tired of telling yourself “I can’t!” Well you CAN! Prove to yourself that you can achieve spectacular results whenever you take up the challenge. SLACKLINING is a no risk practice in balance and determination that uses a nylon webbing strap tensioned between two anchor points approx 400mm above the ground. This dynamic and fun activity allows you the opportunity to achieve a variety of feats. With the aid of our skilled instructors, enjoy the occasion by walking across the line and proving to yourself and other that you’re not just a pretty face.

Teambuilding Product: CollaborationCollaboration

COLLABORATION is the ideal activity to break a long day of conferencing. Each player gets a Playing Card and placed in a team for the Activities duration. Depending on the game is being played, it’s each team players responsibility to work out how they can assist their team in achieving the best outcome. Does the team sacrifice one for the benefit of the team or do I stay “alive” and play so that I can contribute productively? The activity requires communication, decision making and strategy. Players get to participate in two different activities in one event, MURDER BY NUMBERS and PEOPLE SCRABBLE.

Teambuilding Product: Wacky Outdoor SportsWacko Outdoor Sports

In WACKO OUTDOOR SPORTS, delegates are placed into teams, with each team given the task of working out the best way of negotiating the unfavourable “backyard” playing conditions. Each teams competes to take advantage of the most suitable equipment for a particular round. Breaking our rules has the whole team doing forfeits or penalties. Choose between


Teambuilding Product: Line DanceLine Dance

Join us for a fun filled journey of an hour or two in LINE DANCE where our established Dance Instructors will facilitate and lead you through a “Step by Step” class of the most popular and traditional line dance moves. We’ll also throw in some on the spot ‘tasks’ requiring you and your line to do a task before the group moves on. This will no doubt put some of the ‘liners’ in the spot light which may be challenging for them. Once all is done, we can say with confidence that each delegate in the group will be looking for the nearest Barn Dance where they can strut their moves and shout Hee-Haa.

Teambuilding Product: CraftsCrafts

CRAFTS, is a relaxed and mild mannered activity where individuals or teams work in a relaxed environment, using the supplied materials, create a work of art which must either become a section of a larger project or stand on its own in a craft shootout with the other participants. This popular and highly enjoyable team building exercise gives the opportunity of designing, constructing, decorating and creating a lasting impression. Choose between


Teambuilding Product: Around The WorldAround the World

Travel AROUND THE WORLD in this exciting task based activity. Teams are challenged both mentally as well as technically. As with the roll of a dice, choices need to be made and hopefully the correct decision is made. This activity engages everyone in the group and individuals become responsible for their teams outcome. As with all international travel, mishaps can happen and this may result in a bribe being paid; that’s if your money hasn’t been stolen already. This activity is fun, loud and full of unexpected twists and turns. We bring the atmosphere – you bring a game disposition, we mix this up and create a spectacular team building cocktail. Prizes are awarded for teamwork.

Teambuilding Product: Wild Card BingoWild Card Bingo

WILD CARD BINGO is a corporate game show featuring a mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and thought provoking trivia challenges. You will play rounds that include:

  • Human Bingo
  • Team Challenge Bingo

It’s nothing like your grandma’s bingo hall. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, instead of calling out numbers, your facilitator/Emcee play music and you cross off squares on your board based on singer, songs or genres. Its great fun and the prizes are awarded for teams and or individuals.

Teambuilding Product: Speed MeetSpeed Meet

SPEED MEET or Speed Dating is designed to offer team members the opportunity of a brief interlude with each other. By dividing the group in half, half are seated in a row at tables, and paired with another person from the other half. Each pairing has an allotted time (between 2-3 minutes) to ask each other general questions in a one on one platform. Here’s the opportunity to gain an insight into your work colleagues. When time’s up, individuals on one side of the tables move to the next seated team member and repeats the process. This continues until all team members have met. We add in additional warm-up exercises to help maintain the momentum of the event.

Teambuilding Product: Cube QuestCube Quest

Based on the popular T.V. show, CUBE QUEST, each team starts with 9 lives. Every time a team makes an unsuccessful attempt at a challenge, one life is lost and the team must repeat the challenge until successful. Any team which runs out of lives while attempting a challenge is “Defeated” by The Cube and loses all their accumulated points. A Team may stop before attempting the next challenge and take the points they have won into Part 2 of the CUBE QUEST, however once a team decides not to play, they cannot change their decision. How do we decide on our next move?

Teambuilding Product: Ultimate Game QuizUltimate Game Quiz

Who’s the Teams “Weakest Link” who’s going to make a “Mistake” and who’s the “Brains of the outfit?” ULTIMATE GAME QUIZ poses Trivia questions which gives each team the opportunity of answering the questions before the others. Hit the buzzer or ring the bell when you have the answer before the others, gives your team first stab at answering the question, however if it’s wrong, you’ll get points taken off and another team gets a chance to answer the question. Loads of fun, frustration, teamwork and just good old common sense. A fun filled 60 – 90 minutes.

Teambuilding Product: On that NoteOn That Note

ON THAT NOTE…test your musical knowledge with this extremely unique MUSIC TRIVIA – you maybe more familiar with NOOIT VIR NOOIT, anyway this is the same fun activity. This challenge combines and is comprising of an array of different challenges and categories. Take a note at: Finishing the Lyrics, Trivia Quiz, Match-up, Guess who, Guess what and many more. Guests will have to show off their Vivase skills when a certain song starts. Adapted to involve young, old and tailored to suit you group. It promises to entertain the crowd, have them on their feet and it’s never over until the fat lady sings!

Teambuilding Product: InflatablesInflatables

INFLATABLES or Extreme Challenge brings all the fun and games to you in an activity that can only be experienced in a larger than life Games Extravaganza. We have a huge range of inflatable games suitable for all adults and children. Suitable for groups of 40 to 400 people, this Knockout Challenge is an action packed day giving your company or friends a chance to let their hair down and have a lot of fun. This Challenge provides an ideal opportunity for everyone to mix with colleagues and friends in relaxed and fun competitive challenges. This activity includes:

  • Bungee Run •Inflatable Assault Course
  • Gladiator Basher •Super Slide
  • Demolition Zone

Teambuilding Product: Chocolate and Wine PairingChocolate and Wine Pairing

Chocolate is the perfect confectionery match to wine as you will find out in our CHOCOLATE AND WINE PAIRING CHALLENGE. The challenge will transform you and your team into part time Wine Connoisseurs as well as Chocolate fundi’s in one foul swoop. Both wine and chocolate offer a complexity of flavours and textures, and by pairing them together correctly, is a most enjoyable and educating experience. Our master of tastings will guide your group through many guidelines, techniques and knowledge to ensure your team will get the know-how on this challenge.

Teambuilding Product: spy-espionage 007Spy Espionage 007

SPY ESPIONAGE – 007, a gathering of all countries best Secret Service Agents, called to a priority level briefing on how the United Nations can find a solution to lasting world peace. Unfortunately the event is interrupted as counter operatives or Double Agents steal a Digital encrypted Memory Stick containing sensitive information from the vault. This information in the wrong hands would put any attending country at huge risk of being compromised and open to economic ruin or blackmail. Teams are given Secret Agent identities as well as a “Top Secret” mission envelope containing clues, info and necessary information. Agents begin to conduct their mission by mingling with other spy’s and ask questions.

Teambuilding Product: Mystery Murder DinnerMystery Murder Dinner

MYSTERY MURDER DINNER is your typical who dunnit! A famous chemist, Dr Doom, hosts a dinner at his Mansion to resolve all past differences with those he had wronged. Before making amends, he’s found murdered. Someone in the mansion is the murderer! Delegates receive team badges, character descriptions as well as clues necessary for their character, providing info necessary to solve this murder mystery. During the investigation segment, characters must ask the right questions, pay attention to others clues and piece together the whole picture of what actually happened. The activity involves mingling with others, Finding out about them and what clues they have. Teams will be asked to submit a guess of ‘whodunit’ and why they did it.

Teambuilding Product: Superhero AssemblySuperhero’s Assembly

SUPERHEROS ASSEMBLY is the yearly get together of Justice Confederation Superhero’s. The primary agenda topic is how to apprehend the notorious villain Da Bomb who is assembling an army of robotic bombs to take over the world. The Superhero’s need to devise a strategy to him – and fast! After some business on the agenda is handled, a fellow hero suddenly collapses to the floor…dead!! The superheroes joined forces to figure out whodunit as there’s nothing more dangerous than a traitorous superhero! After deciphering a code, uncovering motives and figuring out the locations of everyone during the murder, the investigative hero detectives turned in their best guesses of whodunit.

Teambuilding Product: Spy's TriviaSpy’s Trivia

What type of spy are you? Would you make a good spy? SPY TRIVA is a new, hilarious, interactive activity which his hosted by our Game Host. Teams have the chance of showing off their cunning and sleuthing skills whilst attempting to answer or successfully accomplish ‘SPY’ tasks and questions. Teams will need to brush up on their knowledge of the world’s most famous fictional spies, such as James Bond, Harriot the Spy, Austin Powers, Johnny English, Flint, Jason Bourne etc. A keen knowledge of spy gadgetry, lingo, code breaking as well as real spy scenarios. This is an activity where the efforts of the whole team are going to bring the cream to the top. Great indoor and dinner activity.

Teambuilding Product: Catch the Spy before you DieCatch the Spy before you Die

Be a highly trained Secret Service character, who leads a normal life until you are ‘activated’ for covert operations by Miss Funnymunny, your Operative Handler. She has invited all her agents for a VIP dining experience, as she suspects that one of them to be a Double Agent and Saboteur. CATCH THE SPY BEFORE YOU DIE, will expose the villain and threat, by means a series of unremitting challenges that the guests have to conquer. Give and get clues by mingling with the others, will help establish background and story. The team correctly guessing the saboteur’s identity, leaves with ONE MILLION, an evening with a model of from the Mongolian Guys & Dolls on-line catalogue – and their lives.

Teambuilding Product: Vino FusionVino Fusion

Is the art of blending wines, designing your own label and taking part in bottling your unique blend? Teams strive to create the best blend whilst utilising terminology and concepts employed by wine makers and sommeliers. Ultimately the team must come to a consensus on which blend best represents their efforts and will outperform the blends of their competitors.  This fun activity will not only educate participants about the wine making process, but will also sharpen negotiating skills, improve team communication, and build team co-operation and collaboration. Each participant goes home with their own designed bottle. We supply all equipment for blending, bottling, corking and labelling as well as the wines for tasting and blending.

Teambuilding Product: Brilliant TeamBrilliant Team

Is the art of blending wines, designing your own label and taking part in bottling your unique blend? Teams strive to create the best blend whilst utilising terminology and concepts employed by wine makers and sommeliers. Ultimately the team must come to a consensus on which blend best represents their efforts and will outperform the blends of their competitors.  This fun activity will not only educate participants about the wine making process, but will also sharpen negotiating skills, improve team communication, and build team co-operation and collaboration. Each participant goes home with their own designed bottle. We supply all equipment for blending, bottling, corking and labelling as well as the wines for tasting and blending.

Teambuilding Product: Company FeudCompany Feud

SURVEY SAYS- this adapted game show accommodates all corporate groups whilst facilitating an unforgettable event. COMPANY FEUD is based on the popular Show ‘FAMILY FEUD’. All questions facing the teams are based on general survey questions so when a team gives an answer to the question, the

Host Facilitator will turn to the board and ask what the survey said – meaning the popular responses that have been included for the purpose of the event. Different rounds including Face-Off, Double/ Triple Point Value, Bullseye, Sudden Death and Fast Money. Our testing questions cover general knowledge as well as ridiculous common sense. This activity promises to entertain and leave your group with a highlight to remember.

Teambuilding Product: Create an EventCreate an Event

CREATE an EVENT allows you the option of tailoring your own event. Choose activities from our menu of more than 20 individual challenges. Minimum group size for this option is 30 delegates. The group gets divided into teams of between 5-10 players each. Teams then compete in the selected challenges to earn points towards their final score. We provide Qualified Facilitators, P.A. System/ background music/ Data Projector (if required).

  • Team Bandannas if required. (Activity dependant).
  • Prizes and or Certificates.
  • Inclement weather alternative activity provided.
  • For a Half Day (2-3 hr’s) of activities: – select 5 Activities

Full Day (4-5 hr’s) of activities: – select 8 Activities

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