unlimited possibilities

We have over 80+ great activities to choose from.


Our activities cover planning, communication, cohesive team work, interpersonal connections relationally, planning, Accountability, Presentation and Expediting. This is done in a fun and engaging manner, with qualified professional facilitation.

Bored Naartjie

Well put together corporate activities boxed, with varied options covering, a 6 in 1 Construct- O ( 6 activities in one box ), Chain Reaction 4 in 1 ( 4 chain reactionsin one box ) and more.<br /> Beat the Boredom, with these fun options, all delegates will have our boxed activity, included, a virtual 1 hour facilitation to support your activity to master the end result.

Virtual Team-building

World Class Virtual Products, offering varied outcomes, enhancing teams to engage and connect on a Virtual Platform. Culinary, to construction, to technology driven Virtual Options, to themed activities , our creative team tailor this Virtual Option, to suite our clients specifications and outcomes. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD OUR VIRTUAL ACTIVITY PRODUCT LIST.

Social Development

Unique offerings where companies get involved with there beneficiary of chose, where giving back to our communities, in all areas of sustainability.