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Bored Naartjie

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We know that life can be dull and uninspiring at times. That’s why we have created Bored Naartjie – a fun and challenging activity to keep you on your toes. Our box contains five different construction challenges that are perfect for developing problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Each Bored Naartjie box contains five different construction challenges that vary in levels of difficulty. Plus, the box comes with a booklet of instructions and tips to make sure you get the most out of the activity. It’s the perfect activity for staff or family members who need to flex their mental muscles.

The best part? Our boxes are made customizable to your company or brand. So you can get the unique look and feel you want for your Bored Naartjie box.

So don’t let boredom overtake your life. Get your hands on a Bored Naartjie Box!

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Blue Is The Colour, But It's Still A Naartjie!

Blue Naartjie Concepts is a South African based teambuilding company, Est in 2008, where developing teams is our speciality. We uplift, energise and reconnect teams, improving their communication, boosting engagement and job satisfaction. Through our new virtual medium, our service is now accessible across the world. Our company charges South African rates with world-class service. If this is of interest, kindly advise a convenient time for a quick 30min Zoom or MS Teams meeting to discuss further.