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People often ask me why I called my Company Blue Naartjie and why that name Blue Naartjie.

I was born in Cape Town the youngest by 13 years (as they say in Afrikaans, the laatlammetjie)

My father once told me that what you see is not necessary what has to be in at the end of the day. When I was a young girl, he one day said something to me that left a lasting impression on me.

Here is a box of bright orange naartjie’s he said, and if these fruits were blue, they would still be the same, a Naartjie. The only difference would be the colour, a Blue Naartjie.  He said that your Attitude determines your Altitude. I often thought about what he said, I thought that one day when I have my own Company, I would call it Blue Naartjie Concepts.

In 2008 I established a much-needed Team Development, Team Building and Social Development Company and I called it Blue Naartjie Concepts.

I felt that there was a great need for a specialist company that offered Excellent Service and Products to meet the budgets and needs of our clients.

Blue Naartjie tailors’ packages to suite our clients, and we tailor all packages to meet the message, or include any type of outcomes, our clients are wanting for their up and coming events.

We currently have 3 teams and we are growing all the time; our Facilitators at Blue Naartjie Concepts are professionally trained.

Why are we different: We listen to the needs of our clients, and together we ensure that we deliver every time. Our guarantee stands, “if we do not engage your team 100%, we offer a FREE team building going forward”.

We look forward to hosting your next event.


Your Sincerely
Merle A Lipman
Chief Executive Officer

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