Newsletter 2016

Apr 13th, 2016

Are you looking for an outcome based activity or just a fun time?

If your organisation is confronted with budget restraints, yet need a cohesive workforce, heightened personnel morale as well as performance improvements? — Why not let us put a team building program together that not only lifts employee enthusiasm, participation and sense of responsibility, but allows the team an opportunity to enjoy a memorable and fun event.  BOOK NOW!! 


Chad McNally is the newest member of our Facilitation team. Being young, energetic as well as enthusiastic, we have no doubt that our clients will feel the warmth of his infectious presence when we host your next team building event.

Facilitating Powerful Teambuilding Activities

  1. Facilitator Orientation:
    The understanding, mindset and commitment of the facilitator to create the best experience possible.       
  1. Designing:
    The planning and preparation that goes into creating the experience   
  1. Framing:
    How the activity is introduced to the group   
  1. Delivery:
    What the facilitator does during the activity to ensure its success
  1. Debriefing:
    The learning conversation that happens after the activity


Chocolate and Wine Pairing – visit our products page for more info.


  • Classic Firewalk
  • Cardboard Regatta
  • Let’s Go Lego
  • Corporate Hunt
  • Team Karaoke
  • Minute 2 Winnit
  • Balloon Tower
  • Mystery Murder Dinner

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